I am well after the surgery. I thank God and people!

Because there are many of you who prayed for my spine surgery that was on October 16, and ask me how I am at the moment, I decided to write here a little bit.

When I was 20 years old doctors found out that my spinal discs were affected. Later I was diagnosed with the Disc Degenerative Disease. The causes of this disease are unknown and, most probably, it is hereditary. Six years ago I had a surgery and L4-L5 vertebrae were fused. Now, L5-S1 vertebrae degenerated and I had a second surgery that went well.

I thank God that He has blessed and gave me the opportunity to have this surgery and I thank Dr. Richard Pearce who performed the surgery. I am very thankful to my teachers and spiritual parents, Mia and Costel Oglice, who showed their love for me and did their utmost so that I may have this surgery. I thank sister Verdie, Woodland Park Baptist Church and all God’s children who made our travel and staying possible. I thank the ”Good News” Church where I serve as a pastor, that they prayed and fasted for me in the day of my surgery. I thank the Slavic Evangelical Church in Cleveland who also prayed for me.

Kay, Jack and David Arthur and the whole Precept Ministries International stuff prayed for me, were close to me and wrote me very nive encouragement words.

I thank sister Tatiana Grajdieru, who received us with much love in her home and sister Dianne Williams who serves us regardind  the hospital.

I thank a lot my dear wife, who continually serves me in the most loving way always and now, too. I thank our children, my sisters and all my relatives who prayed for me these days.

I thank all my friends who were close to me and I was surprised to see who many saints prayed for me.

Now I am well. The second day I walked a pretty good distance and I do not have the pains I have had before in my feet. I have to walk more, because this is an important exercise.

I thank God with tears in my eyes that he turned this trial into a great experience of walking with Him and He showed His great love for me through all the saints who served me. Praised be His Name forever and ever! I pray that He helps me to serve Him with dedication and contribute to the building up of the Church with the spiritual gifts and power He has given me.

The surgery was performed at the Memorial Catholic Hospital in Chattanooga to whom I am very thankful for the fact thay they offered us the surgery room for free. Even if I was here before, I am still wondered and admire the beautiful way the workers show God’s love in everything they do. This inscription was posted near the elevator. You can not call the elevator and miss this message.

There are also a lot of pictures with encouragement messages for patients and their families.

I also saw a box where people could leave their personal prayer needs and I thought to go to the directors of the hospitals in Chisina (Malina Mica region) and ask their permission to put such boxes there and then pray for the needs with the whole church. I hope they accept the proposal.

All medical workers were very friendly. I had such a pleasant discussion with the medical assistant who prepared me for the surgery that I had the impression that we were brothers and had known each other for a very long time. When I woke up after the surgery, another assistant welcomed me friendly and offered me a cup of very good coffee. This is a Christian beautiful attitude full of love for the neighbor, as the Lord Jesus Christs teaches us. Praised be His Name!