What should I do if my husband sexually abused our child?


Hello, I have a tricky question.What should I do if I know that my husband did something extremely  bad to one of my children? Now I have found.Should I give him to the justice or should I let God to apply the punishement? We are legally married, but not in the church.Is this sin if I leave my husband because there is no way to stay together? Thank you for answer. 

I don’t know what you mean by saying “something extremely bad”, but I suppose that you are talking about abuse, and probably, sexual abuse.How did you find this? Did your child tell this? Have you caught him in the act? Are you sure that this happened? Did you confront your husband? What did he say?  

If this is true, then you have to declare this immediately to the police, because such a man is extremely dangerous not just for your child, but for other kids too. You cannot leave these things this way, because if so you are making yourself accomplice to his evil deeds and contribute through tolerance. I know that probably someone will come with comentaries here  to blame me that I forgot about forgiveness and even more,  others  will tell you that you have to forgive him.Yes, you must forgive him and tell your child to forgive  him too, but for your child’s protection and other kids that may become this man’s victims, you have to declare him to the police for him to be imprisoned and this way to be isolated from all kids, for him to not commit new crimes. If he went untill that point that  he sexually abused his own child, understand that the danger to abuse other kids is very high.  



When he will get in prison, he will have time to think about his act and you will have responsibility to speak with him about complete forgiveness which he can receive from God for his heavy sin and that this forgiveness can be received only through faith in Lord Jesus Christ.


I don’t know how much you know about  ” being born again ” and in what relationship are you with God now, but if you are not “born again”  , you must hurry up and repent with your whole heart and to become true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Lord, heal my hurtsGod help you and give you strength for you to help your abused and hurt child to get healing from God.Speak to him constantly from Scriptures, pray with him and help him to believe in Lord Jesus Christ, to be healed and saved. I recommend you to get this course “God, help me to forgive” b Vă recomand să faceți rost de cursul “God, help me to forgive ” by Kay Arthur, which is a wonderful course and which will be very useful to you. God give you strength to overcome this  big trial  that you are passing through now.


                                          Translated by Alina Rotari