How should we react to the game “The fight of Gods”?

The following question seems to be related to a computer game:

I recently discovered a game called “The fight of Gods,” where Jesus also appears. Some say the game should not offend Christians, and others, on the contrary, feel disturbed. My question is, “How do we react to video games in which Jesus or God appears?”

I do not know this game and I haven’t seen how it is played. I assume it’s a computer game and one of the characters is Jesus Christ. I do not know what the intentions of the game creators are and what they wanted to do with it. If they have made such a game as to present the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ to win the souls of those who play, for the Kingdom of God, then it is a good thing. I am even curious to see how it looks and works.

But if it is a game in which the Lord Jesus is presented differently than He is or is put together with other gods and idols, then it is a taking the Name of the Lord, your God in vain. If I could see this, I would ask the person who plays if he knows something about Jesus and about God. Then I would ask if she knew anything about the 10 commandments and begin the discussion at commandment 3, which says:

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain. (Exodus 20:7)(NASB)

I would explain to the person that this game takes the Name of God in vain and that he is being a partaker of this evil deed. The Lord says He will not leave unpunished the one who takes His name in vain. If he does not stop, he will soon see the punishment of God. But I would not stop at this. I would speak to him about the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God. If he believes in Jesus Christ with all his heart and chooses to be His disciple, he will receive the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life. I would invite that person to Bible study and church so they can get to know and follow the true God. If he is interested in spiritual warfare, for that is the title of that game, then I would recommend the Bible study course “Lord, is it warfare? Teach me to stand.” May God help you to speak speak wisely to him who plays this game and to all people.

Translated by Liza Bîrlădeanu