Have Common sense: Don’t Smoke

In certain parts of the world today, there is a great battle to end smoking, to stop people from smoking because of its negative effects. I am totally against smoking for a number of reasons. One, my parents smoked all during my childhood and I am allergic to cigarette smoke. Secondly, I saw my grandmother die as a result of smoking most of her adult life. Thirdly, it is very inconsiderate to those who do not smoke because all smoking causes second-hand smoke, which is dangerous and unpleasant. In this article I want to explain why people should not smoke.

  1. Smoking is lethal and demonstrates a lack of common sense. Most people value their lives and would not do things purposely to destroy it. Smokers, on the other hand, kill themselves slowly, on a daily basis and the worst part is that they are the ones who pay for it with their own money. The Bible says that life is extremely valuable and should be protected at all costs. Those who smoke do not value their own lives nor the lives of others. Second-hand smoke is lethal and those who smoke in the presence of others, slowly kill them on a daily basis. It is illegal to take a persons life with a gun but it is not illegal to kill a person with second-hand smoke. I know of many cases where spouses who do not smoke die of lung cancer because of the fact that their spouses smoke.
  2. Smoking is very expensive which shows a lack of common sense by wasting money. Nothing good comes out of smoking, not for you, not for those around you, and not for the world in general. First of all, if you saved all of the money that you spent on smoking over a year period then you could probably take a nice vacation, doing something useful with your money. Secondly, the medical downsides of smoking are numerous and expensive. Not only do you spend lots of money on cigarettes themselves but you also have to pay large amounts of money for medical bills once the cigarettes begin to destroy your body. What makes it worse is when you cannot afford the medical expenses and need help from the government then the tax-payer, smoker or nonsmoker, suffer even more because of your smoking habit.
  3. Smoking is a sign of not caring about the feelings of those around you, a definite sign of a lack of common sense. When a person smokes, his second-hand smoke invades the environment of those around him. Usually those who smoke do not consider the fact that maybe the people who are around them are allergic to smoke or just do not want to smell it. Also it is very irritating to have to smell another person’s smoke when you, yourself, do not smoke. When someone in your area is smoking then your hair, clothes, and everything else smell like smoke. Another thing is that smoker’s breath smells terrible, no matter how many pieces of gum you chew. Please have common sense and be considerate of those around you.
  4. A person who has common sense will find an alternative to smoking. Save your money and use it for something good. Help those who are in need. Help support a missionary monthly instead of wasting your money on cigarettes. If you want to quit and have tried before and failed then I want to give you a solution that will work. Repent, follow the Lord Jesus Christ, dedicate your life to Him and He will give you the strength to stop. I know a man who smoked all of his life and while at a Christian camp he repented of his sins and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. After repenting he immediately quit smoking and has not done so since. The Bible says that God will help us in our time of need, if we will just turn to Him. Would not you like this kind of help? May the Lord gives us His help.