Gospel spreading in Siberia

Yesterday I returned home from Ungut, Krasnoiarsk region, where I taught in the last 10 days the first part of the course Revelation (Chapters 1-3) during the session for the teams of the subsidiaries from Siberia of the Inductive Bible Study Institute from Eurasia. 

Grupul sesiunea Apocalipsa partea 1 de la Ungut, Siberia

At the session came the teams of the subsidiaries from Krasnoiarsk, Novokuznetsk, Kyzyl (Tuva Rep.) and Ulan-Ude (Bureatia).

În clasă la sesiunea Apocalipsa din Ungut

Most of the time we dedicated studying the first 3 chapters of the book Revelation, where the Savior presents the situation of the seven churches of Asia and also reflects the problems of the churches and Christians today.

Slujitorii bisericii din Novokuznetsk la sesiunea din Ungut

It was a blessed time when each participant was able to review in light of the Scriptures his relationship with God and with people.

Lucrul pe echpe la sesiunea Apocalipsa din Ungut

Another part of the time was devoted to assessing the activity of these institutes and to what extent the Gospel is spread by teaching in Bible study groups using the inductive method.

Harta grupelor de studiu biblic predate de studenţii Institutului de Studii Biblice Inductive din Krasnoiarsk

Particular attention in the institute is given to the practical application of the received knowledge and after each session students are asked to form a group where to study and teach individually a subject from the Bible. I enjoyed to see the practical works of students who had demonstrated a high level of teaching the Word of God.

Manuale de studiu biblic completate şi lucrarea individuala a studenţilor

I offered a special time almost daily to examine and evaluate the quality of teaching of each student in order to improve it.

Serghei din Krasnoiarsk preda la tablă studiu inductiv

While Sergey from Krasnoiarsk was teaching I thought and I praised God for the great change He has made in his life through the Gospel. After becoming an alcoholic, he has come up there that he fell asleep in the street and his feet have frozen. Doctors had to amputate the bottom of the feet, but during this time of trials, Sergei returned with all his heart to God, repented and his life was radically transformed. Now he is a servant of God and teaches others the Holy Scriptures.

Maria Klepikova din Novokuznetsk

Maria Klepikova from Novokuznetsk had a very difficult life after she had been caught in the passion of drunkenness and drugs. She brought such problems in her family, that her blood sister tried to kill her by giving her several blows with the ax. She escaped just miraculously and being in the hospital, Maria turned to God with all her heart and has forgiven her sister. Now, Maria is a very good teacher of the Word of God and in their town she does a beautiful mission going to deprived people who live on the streets, sharing with them them food and the Gospel message that changes their lives.

Slujitorii bisericii din Tuva la sesiunea Apocalipsa în Ungut

Tuvin people are now in a difficult situation and the Gospel servants who came from there shared how many people returned to God. A little is left and they will finish the whole translation of the Bible in the language of this nation.

Râul Manna lângă localitatea Ungut

The session took place in a very picturesque town on the river bank Manna. I went to visit the nearest villages.

Casa de cultură din Ungut, Siberia

When I saw how damaged and negligent was the cultural house, I wanted to see the church, but I could not see it anywhere, and I asked people in the village where the church is. They looked surprised and said that in their district, which is a big one, there is only one church and the priest in the village hadn’t yet visited them. But they thanked the coworkers of a Christian mission that came to school and brought them  a copy of the New Testament.

Rugăciune pentru Siberia

Let us pray together for the spreading of the Gospel and that God will help in achieving all sessions, study groups that have been planned, for the 25 Inductive Bible study seminars, that have been planned and where over 550 participants will be invited. The teams of the subsidiaries from Siberia have also planned 9 inductive Bible study camps.

There is a great need of study materials and is now an emergency to  print the course The Name of God, the courses for children and 2 courses in the series of 40 minutes lessons, which can be used with students at camps, rehabilitation centers and prisons.

At the end of the session I announced the following events that will be held Bible Studies Institute of Eurasia, and I was asked to put on the site specific information about the following events:

  • May 21-31 – Revelation session (Part II) for the teams of the institutes from Ukraine and it will take place in Krilovka on Azov Sea coast. Unfortunately, right now I found out that all the seats are already reserved and there is no longer possible to register. 
  • June 3-13 – camp where the the book Numbers will be studied in the same locality at Kirilovka, Ukraine, where there is a very well arranged camp. Mia and Costel Oglice, the directors of the mission Precept Ministries Eurasia will teach this session for those who want to study the book of Numbers and how to effectively organize inductive Bible study camps. For further information, you can also contact Valera Moisei at the phone number +37369228999
  • June 22-July 3 – Ephesians session for teachers of the Inductive Bible Studies Institute from Eurasia at the Center from Surduc, Romania. For information in Romanian and English you can contact Gigel Olariu.
  • July 4-13 – Church Growth Session in the camp near Căuşeni, Moldova. We will study the book Philippians and principles for church growth. Here are also invited those who want to learn at mission  through sports faculty, information technology and English teaching. For additional information contact us at +373 (22) 383006, +373 (22) 744186, or GSM +37379602591, +37368747766, or email.
  • July 14-23 – English Studying Camp in the same camp at Căuşeni, Moldova. We will study the course “Lord, heal my hurts” with teachers from America.

We look forward with joy to participate in these events.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru