How can curses be removed?


I want to know how curses can be removed from my life and my son’s, because I think we’re cursed. Everything goes wrong. When we are about to fix something, everything is going down. We have many people who envy us and I do not know why, because we are not rich, on the contrary, they have everything and everything is very well with them. All I want is that my son will be able to find a job. He has always had obstacles. Last month he was at a company that asked him to sign a contract, but that was not possible because the insurance card did not come off. And it always happens so. It seems like there is a wall and we always run into it. Please, help us, because we are desperate.

I recommend you to read the article How to be freed from the curses of wizards? and follow the advice I have given from the Scriptures for those affected by curses and spells. Then, go and tell your mother the same thing to repent for the curses that have harmed you and for which she will be judged by God.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru