Day camp in the north of Moldova

Last week, the students of the International Mission School – Precept Ministries Eurasia organized day camps in 12 localities.

Our team, consisting of 5 students from the Faculty of Taekwon-Do and Journalism, went to the north of Moldova. The camp was organized in Cotiujeni village, Briceni district.

Tabără de zi Cotiujeni

Together with the children I studied the course, “Lord, teach me how to pray”. I was amazed when I saw children diligently completing the textbook. One boy stayed after school to make up for what he had lost in the previous days, while the other children played outside.

Doamne, învață-mă să mă rog

After Bible study, the camp program included sports games, Taekwon-Do training led by first year students, songs, and gifts. The children were actively involved in these activities.

Tabara de zi Cotiujeni

On the last day, the children were urged to repent, and for the most part they said the prayer of repentance.

Tabără de zi Cotiujeni

A grandfather from the village of Cotiujeni expressed his gratitude for organizing the camp:

“Thank you very much for organizing camps for children and teaching them.”

At the end, the children shared their impressions:

“At this camp we learned how to pray, following the example of the “Our Father in heaven” prayer. I really enjoyed coming to this camp. ”

“I’m glad we came to this camp and got to know our leaders who taught us about God.”

Tabara de zi Cotiujeni

Every day, 40 to 60 children came, aged between 6 and 14.

Translated by Didina Cravcenco