Congratulations and gratitude for Women

It is regrettable that the origins of the Women’s Day, celebrated on the 8th of March, is marked by an event that took place because of the unjust way women were treated by men. I would rather prefer to know that this holiday have as a background an event when attention and gratitude for women were shown, and this holiday be initiated by men with good purpose.

I know that many of the visitors of the portal are women and girls that have a special love for the Lord, for His Word and this love is manifested daily in relationships they have around them. God bless you all.

I thank my wife who contributes a lot to this portal through the articles she writes, but I thank her more for the encouragement and advice she always has for me.

I thank a lot my spiritual teacher, Mrs. Mia Oglice, who has taught me deep teachings from the Scriptures all these years since I came back to God. Without these deep teachings, without the advice and beautiful example of Christian living, without hers and Costel Oglice, her husband’s care and love, I were not able to serve people through this portal and through other ministries entrusted to me by God.

I thank my sisters Profira, Lidia and Lenuta, who took care of me and were close when we became orphans, and I was only 9 years old. I learnt love, courage and sacrifice from them.

I congratulate my dear daughter, Tica and I wish her the accomplishment of all dreams. I admire her love for people and her courage when she needs to stay straight for righteousness and protection of the neighbor.

I thank God for these women, through whom I am so much blessed and to whom I owe myself.