How far should Christians go in opposing the homosexual agenda?


I have some doubt about a subject and need some explanation. I understand the reasoning for opposing the “anti-discrimination” by Christians because homosexuality is an abomination (something disgusting). I also believe in individual freedoms, allowing a person to choose the way he wants to live, no matter his religion. A person has the right to be an atheist if he desires. How far should we as Christians go in opposing the homosexual agenda? This law promotes individual rights and freedoms of homosexuals over religious freedoms. According to this law, if a minister speaks out against icon worship, which would be an offense against the Orthodox Church, then there would be no legal repercussions but if the same minister speaks out against the sin of homosexuality, and homosexuals are offended, then there can be legal repercussions. I do not understand this logic because it seems like one group is favored over another.

Anyone who has been following the legal elements of the homosexual agenda in our country of Moldova and the world as a whole will know that they (homosexuals and their promoters) have a clear agenda in their activities.  They want to make immorality the norm so that the public in general will be open to accepting the sin of homosexuality as a normal, alternative lifestyle. We must admit that they have already gained much ground in this battle. Some long standing democratic countries have found themselves and their government under the control of almost dictatorial like pressure from the homosexual agenda. England is a good example of this. I would recommend that you read the following cases told by the lawyer, Alex Spak. He visited Moldova a few years ago and warned us (our society) of the dangers of adopting the anti-discrimination law.

The problem with the anti-discrimination law (reworded now as “equal rights and protection”) is that according to this law, the homosexuals are able to attack the fundamental rights of the country’s other citizens to disagree with their lifestyle choice. They will be able to mock the citizens who do not agree with their lifestyle and then hide behind their law in order to oppress the rebuttals (stifling open debate).

When Pastor Ake Green in Sweden preached about the sin of homosexuality in the church that leads, he was sentenced to three months in prison because the homosexuals appealed to anti-discrimination law in their country. Your rights end where my rights begin, as the saying goes. If you follow the homosexual movement you realize that homosexuals do not tolerate any opinion other than their own and when they are protected by this law, they begin to discriminate against others, openly.

We already feel the effects of this law within our country. One blogger was taken to court because he called out other citizens who openly promote the homosexual agenda. We see the dictatorial tendencies of the homosexual agenda at work, just a few days after the anti-discrimination law is passed. A television station was taken to court because of the text messages that scrolled across the screen while a report on a homosexual press conference was in progress. Again we see the dictatorial tendencies of the homosexual agenda at work. Just recently, I published a book, “What does the Bible say about homosexuality?” and from what I know, this is the first time that such a book has ever been published in Moldova, explaining homosexuality from a Biblical perspective. Guess what happened? When I wanted to offer this book in the city’s bookstores, I was refused. Why? The owners of the bookstores fear the repercussions of the homosexual agenda. Am I not being discriminated against even though I am a legal citizen of the country with freedom of expression? Christians do not oppose the anti-discrimination law because we are against homosexuals. We oppose this law because we are for freedom of expression, the right of conscious. As believers, we must stand for the rights and freedoms of our country’s citizens.

What should we do (as believers) in view of the homosexuals in our country? First of all, we need to pray for the homosexuals, that they will repent of their sinful way of life. Next, we need to share the Holy Scriptures with them, about the power of God which can set them free from their slavery to immorality and its lusts. Also, as believers and citizens, we must oppose this law for the good of the homosexuals and society as a whole. We must be ready to suffer persecution by the hands of the homosexuals as well as the government which is being manipulated by the homosexual agenda. Jesus Christ proclaimed that He would build His church and the gates of Hades would not overcome the Church so we must not fear. From the very beginning, the Church has suffered persecution and today, the Church is being persecuted in some countries because of the dictatorial tendencies of the homosexual agenda. We are called to stand firm on the Holy Scriptures and proclaim the Gospel with great zeal and courage no matter what persecution we face. May the Lord help us.

Translation by: Erik Brewer