Can a Baptist marry a Catholic after they have committed adultery?


I am Baptist and was baptized in 1994. I am far away from my country for seven years already. I have problems with documents and it is not easy to get back in the country. I already settled here and I met the right person but I have sinned and we live together and have sexual relations. He is Catholic. What to do next? Can I get married in a Catholic church? He has nothing against the fact that I am of a different religion. My age does not allow me to not have a baby and we want to have one. I had a pregnancy but I lost it because of a nervous stress I had at my work place. Here I went to an evangelical Christian church, but it is quite different from our church. There are many things that we do not do. I keep in touch with some people there but I could not do this always because most of the time I was away on islands. What to do? If you can, give me an answer, please.

Stop sinning

If you were baptized in the Baptist church, this means that you testified that you were born again into the New Covenant with Jesus Christ. Because you have not attended a local church and you have not received spiritual food systematically or maybe there were other reasons that made your faith weak and you fell into the sin of immorality. This is the status of the relationship you have with this man now who calls himself a Catholic. You should urgently repent and stop this adulterous relationship.

You can not marry

You can not marry with this man because he is not a child of God. A Christian who entered the New Covenant with Jesus Christ can marry only in the Lord, that means only a man who is part of this New Covenant and is also born again. But do not tell that the man who planned to get married with you is the right person. A suitable person for a born again Christian is a born again Christian and this is God’s commandment.

If you do not repent

If you marry this man, you will add at the sin of fornication that you are in now disobedience to the conditions of the New Covenant and you will bear the consequences. I think it is appropriate to briefly tell you about the consequences to be expected. The first will be weakness – a condition when whatever you start doing does not work and you do not manage to do anything. I think you already experienced this condition and a proof it that you have not been able to give birth to the child that you have expected. If you do not come to your senses and stop living in sin, sickness will follow. And if you do not cease to live in sin, physical death will occur finally. Why so? Because if you do not judge yourself to stop to live in sin, God will intervene and will judge you now to not be judged together with the world. I recommend you read the article “Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) is a judgment” to better understand the consequences that intervene in the lives of those who transgressed in the New Covenant.

What should you do?

The following steps are required:

  1. Repent and ask forgiveness from God.
  2. Tell that man that you’re part of the New Covenant, that you have repented, that your relationship is one forbidden by God and that you can not marry to be together because he is not part of the New Covenant. Urge him to make peace with the Lord Jesus, to ask forgiveness from God and enter the New Covenant. Be sure he understands that he must do this for the salvation of his soul and not as a condition to marry you. Now, after you tell them this, break any relationship with him.
  3. Write a letter to the pastor of the church that you left, or call and tell him about your spiritual state and that you have repented.
  4. Find a church where God’s Word is preached and studied and where people live according to sound doctrine.
  5. Join this church and actively get involved in the church life with dedication serving the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. Humbly accept the consequences which you have brought upon you consciouslycommitting that sin.

God help you so.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru