An invitation to a Taekwon-Do and Soccer camp

Camps are long standing tradition in Moldova, especially summer camps and this summer is now different. For the past 15 years our “Stolas Leukas” Taekwon-Do club instructors have been organizing summer camps for all of the kids, teens, and adults who are part of our organization as well as people who desire to learn martial arts.

The date of the camp is 20-28 of June, 2012. The camp is organized by 8 of the “Stolas Leukas” instructions and the camp will be held in one of the most beautiful campsites in Moldova, right in the midst of the forests of Orhei.

The camp is 8 days long. During the camp, the students will study and pass one level of our club’s Taekwon-Do system. They will also study the Inductive Bible study course, “Lord is it warfare, teach me to stand“. This is an important study because all of us are involved in a spiritual battle on a daily basis which involves our emotions and desires. It is important that each of us leans how to be victorious in this spiritual battle, on a daily basis.

The Taekwon-Do trainings will be led by world champions and international champions who all hold first, second, third or fourth degree black belts.

At the same time as the Taekwon-Do camp, there will also be a soccer camp organized by the soccer club “Țintașii” (those who reach for the goal). Soccer training will be led by well qualified coaches. Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports, loved and played by many. Hundreds of thousands of fans watch soccer on a daily basis all around the world. Soccer practices led by “Țintașii” are well planned and interesting.

We want to invite you to spend your time in an interesting and constructive way. For more information, please contact us with the following phone numbers – 069114681 and 069588427.