“Bunavestirea” Church officiated the first baptism

Preotul Vasile Filat botează pe fiul David

On Sunday, March 22, 2009, “Bunavestirea” Church in Chisinau officiated the first baptism. There were baptized five Christians that have recently returned to the Lord: Barsan Doina, Barnaz Cristina, Matvienco Anastasia, Vladimir Zolotarevschi and David Filat, our son.

Botezul lui Vladimir Zolotarevschi, David Filat, Doina Bârsan, Anastasia Matvienco şi Cristina Bârsan

Because the Bible says that baptism is “not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience”, all Christians who were baptized shared their testimony with over 100 participants, telling how they had returned to God, had been born again and how God had changed their life. “I am so sorry that I found out God’s Word and I have dedicated my life to Christ so late…”, said with regret Doina Barsan. Each of them confessed about their beautiful desires for future in serving God and people.

cristina bârnaz spune mărturia la botezul ei

After the testimony, I preached a message where I presented the teaching of the Sacred Scripture on the mystery of baptism, and then each of those five Christians who have recently believed in the Savior were baptized.

Pastorul Vasile Filat botează pe Vladimir Zolotarevschi

At the end of the church service we congratulated everyone who was baptized and gave them an inductive Bible study on “Spiritual gifts”, that will help them to know the gifts they have received from the Holy Spirit as to effectively serve the Church.

We also congratulated my uncle, Alexander Filat, who came together with a group of the Church of Lapusna and who celebrated his birthday yesterday. I gave him the book “Expository Preaching” written by Steven Olford, the great contemporary preacher, whom I had the grace to know personally and make an intensive homiletics course under his leadership.

Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy this holiday with us and who, through their various ministries, made the holiday be nice.

Thanks to Peter and Viorica Bragaru that together with their children sang very well and led us all in worship.

We thank “Golgotha” Church from Ialoveni street, that gave us their room so we could celebrate the first baptism. We thank the pastor of the church, Cornel Sorbala, who encouraged us telling they are always ready to help us with everything they can at this time of establishing the new church.

We also thank Nicu Banzari who took these beautiful pictures during the baptism.

Ilie Dermenji filmed the whole service and when they film will be ready will be placed on this website.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru