Black Belt Examination – Moldova National Taekwon-Do Federation

Yesterday at Moldova Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF) there was an examination for the 21 students for black belts.

At the beginning we all prayed for the success of the students at this hard test which lasted almost 12 hours.

The testing included 5 compartments and the first one is the spiritual compartment. For this compartment each student had to study 3 inductive Bible study courses.

As a part of the examination committee my responsibility was to check the Bible knowledge of each student on each course he or she studied.

When testing Igor, I was very impressed by his workbooks and Bible knowledge, but I knew that he didn’t enter yet into the New Covenant with Jesus Christ. When asked why he is not entering the New Covenant, he said that at the first occasion he will do this. I told him that he doesn’t have to wait for another occasion and invited him to accept Jesus. He did it gladly and prayed asking Jesus to forgive his sins, to give him the new birth and the Holy Spirit. So, Igor went home saved from this examination. Now, he is getting ready to be baptized.

Most of the sportsmen who were tested are instructors and they go all over the country and make disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching them the Word of God and Taekwon-Do. Marika (in the picture below) was the only one who was tested yesterday for the III-rd degree and she is very active and productive in the Gospel.

Pray for the ministry which God is doing in Moldova and other countries through Taekwon-Do.