About the terrible rape in Puhoi

I was shocked after reading this news:

An awful case in Puhoi village, district of Ialoveni. A 7 year old girl was raped while returning from school. Villagers say that the affliction occurred in an abandoned building near the church. Men of law say that they have already arrested a suspect, being a local teenager. The affliction occurred on Wednesday after 2 PM, while the girl, first grade student, was returning from school. Villagers say that the aggressor has threatened her with a knife and dragged her into an abandoned building where he raped her.

When you think about the tragedy of this girl, you ask yourself…

Why has this happened?


  1. Men and children are continuously exposed to immorality and it hurt their minds. While I was waiting for my turn in a store to pay, on the advertising screen very indecent scenes were shown that excite sexual desire. These things are damaging for a mature man and so much the more for children waiting their turn to pay.
  2. Leaving the store, there was a panel that was apparently advertising female clothing, but when I went there with a guest from another country who did not know our language and I asked him what he understood of that advertising, he replied “There seems to be advertising a house of tolerance …”
  3. The news programme has already become full of cases when immorality and abomination is exposed. Otherwise, how can we explain that, when a television station makes a news that YouTube failed to block pornography that were uploaded and throughout the news message there was shown a slide-show with pornography?
  4. The news present only the cases of rape, but they never present the trials and sentences that were given, as to be a lesson to those who will try to commit such crimes.

What to do now?

Villagers who have commented the case say they will avoid the building where that terrible crime has been committed and that they will not let children come home from school alone. But are they really solutions? No way.

In my opinion, the first urgent action is to find the criminals and be tried and convicted publicly. It is true that this is a sensitive issue and this girl can not be exposed to the crowd and is appreciated how the story was done so that neither the girl nor her name were presented. But I think that in the village everyone already knows more details. The process of criminals and their conviction should be publicly to give a lesson to all the wicked who think and act as these criminals.

Another thing is to introduced the Bible study lessons as soon as possible in schools. With persistence I recommend the directors of schools to teach the “What does the Bible say about sexuality?” course to prevent such crimes in future.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru