About online “pomelnice” and confession of sins in the same way

I remember how a Moldovan television station did a report a few years ago and discussed the practice of confessing sins online, which is offered on our website Moldova Creștină. Among those who criticized this method of confessing sins were many Orthodox priests and Christians. If you remember, at that time I was saying that confession of sins can be done in this way and that it will not be long before other churches will begin to practice such things, including the majority confession in the Republic of Moldova. Now the Saharna monastery has launched the application “Send a pomelnic” through which people can send to the priests the names of the dead and the living for prayers. Through the option of confessing sins, we have hitherto offered many people around the world the opportunity to free their souls from the burden of their sins, and we have offered them solutions to become disciples of Jesus Christ and follow the holy way to inherit salvation and entrance in His kingdom. May the Lord help us to do so in the future. 

Transtaled by Nicoleta Vicliuc