About Common Sense

When I was in Sanct-Peterburg and noticed the behavior of different people, I thought to begin a new category named “Common Sense”, where we will discuss about things that have dealings with common sense. Even if we are Christians, we live in a world that doesn’t care about common sense, that’s why we need to go back again and again to the elementary teachings of behaviour. In the introduction of the Book of Proverbs, wise Solomon said that he wrote “to receive instruction in wise behavior”, and he will speak about common sense and what is right and what is not right in this respect.

Let me tell you the experience I had in Metro where I saw a great contrast between common sense and lack of common sense. When I entered the train, there were two men sitting on the chair in front of us. Suddenly a big group of very noisy young men entered and showed lack of common sense. Two girls entered with them, one of which threw herself directly between those two men. That was a lack of common sense. That was not enough, her friend also came, and she was more voluminous than the first one and behaved very brazenly. She sat on the lap of the girl who was sitting on the chair, but she was sitting more on those two men’s laps. One of that men, who was elder, showed common sense, stood up and went to the other end of the wagon. The girls and the teenagers were so excited that thay managed to chase that man with their impudence. How you see, only one showed common sense from all those who were implied in that situation.

I wanted to show common sense and I turned my face to the opposite direction not to see that scene, but I found another one, that proved lack of common sense. A teenager was dressed up so that her breasts were more unveiled than covered. That was not enough, she had a flower in her hand and she placed it exactly between her breasts, drawing all men’s attention. That lack of common sense made me find another place in the train.

The conclusion I arrived at was that people don’t show common sense and sometimes, without ackowledging it, we can be caught in the same race. Do you show common sense? How do you behave in public transport? How do you behave in public places? How do you speak when you are in public places? How do you dress yourself?

The presensce of common sense in your behaviour is the first thing that makes people respect you and want to listen to the Gospel from you.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia