Where can you find your spouse to get married with if you are a Christian?


I have come to believe that nowadays people are worse than during the times of Sodom and Gomorrah! Fornication, sodomy and rebellions of this world cut my desires and pleasure to live on this earth when I was about 26 years.

It’s true that the immorality around us brings so much sorrow and despair. It is written in the Bible that the righteous Lot, after he chose to live in Sodom with his family, tormented his soul every day because of what he saw and heard and was very saddened by the dissolute life of those that were wicked.


Anyway, the true Christian’s joy is in the Lord Jesus Christ and can be taken away neither by circumstances, nor by people or by anything else. I think that you did not find this joy in the Lord Jesus Christ and I advise you to hurry to enter the New Covenant with Him, to receive the Holy Spirit and after this, to join the Church and together with the saints to study the Holy Scriptures, to pray and spread the Gospel.


Regarding marriage, as a Christian, you can marry a Christian girl only, who is in the same covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ and of course will be actively involved in the life of the local church.


Regarding matrimonial sites, there are different opinions, but I think the best is to wait until God will bring in your way the girl that He chose for you to marry. Don’t look to help God in this to not hurt yourself, because other people tried and ended it bad. God bless you!


Translated by Alina Rotari