About Blogging, Church and modern world

I got the book “The Blogging Church” by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch and I started to read it. In the introduction, I found some thoughts about the role of the church in society today and I want to share them.

Creative and spiritually mature church is one that feels comfortable in the middle of the uncomfortable.

Church must be willing to change, go to new places and not get overwhelmed by the comfort of their own, otherwise we, Christians, will not have any meaning for those who are so worth in God’s eyes.

Is blogging about you or about others? When a blog is about us, we look within ourselves and allow ourselves be caught up in endless debates that do not end. We look at what’s important for us and continue to sing in church while the rest of the world goes to hell. When a blog is about others, we swallow our ego and we give all our energy to put people in a relationship with Christ and his bride, the local church.

What is the role of blogging for you?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru