A very important reason why I will continue to publish articles on this site

In December 2009 I received the following message from a reader of the portal http://www.moldovacrestina.net :

I am in a very bad situation now. I am married for 6 months with the only man of my life and now I am pregnant the first month. I am happy although I am not fulfilled about my professional life because I am still in college. My husband does not accept the child and because of this I am hit, rebuked and I weep bitterly when I think about the fate of my child. All around me blame me and say that it is not the time, that we are not ready for a child. My parents-in-law offend me and only cause strife in the family, and after this they pretend they are Christians. Nobody wants this baby but me. I was smoking before and when I found out that I am pregnant I renounced this defect, I tried to give a healthy life to the child and to me, but I was constantly urged to get an abortion. I do not want. My husband does not feel ready to have this baby, but I say that if God gave us, then it is of His good will and He will help us grow the child because it is a miracle of God. Now I do not know what to do: to give up to the family or to have an abortion? If things remain as now I am afraid not to miscarry because of the stress I have suffered or, God forbid, to give birth to a child with problems. Please give me an advice and I thank you.

I answered to this lady and I advised her in the article “What to do when your spouse imposes on you to have an abortion?“.  Some time ago I received the message below from the same lady and I enjoyed it very, very much.

Hello! I’m Adele, with the above problem and I announce you with joy in my soul that I have a beautiful daughter and that God helped my husband to accept the child when I was about 3 months of pregnancy. She is our life and we have a perfect relationship now. And he loves our Yasmina immeasurably! Thank you very much for your advice and response to my pain. I also thank God that gave me the strength to get over the birth. Because I had a very complicated situation. Both I and my daughter were about to die, but we rode out! Thank you once again and God bless you. Trust in God!

It is more than four years since I write daily on this site and answer people’s questions. It is difficult to evaluate the effect and results of this work, but through this message, I thought that just for the contribution to Yasmina’s saved life, it has been worthwhile.

I thank all those who pray for me and for the whole team involved in http://www.moldovacrestina.net and please continue to support us in prayer. Also, please contribute to the spread of the articles from this site, so that we can save other lives, as well.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru