A special day

Today, October 25, is a special day in my life.

When I was 9 years old my mother, whose name was Anastasia, passed away. This was a big tragedy that marked my whole life. But, I  thank God that He gave me a great mother, that I got to know her and to remember her and that after the death of my mother, He cared for me and for my sisters miraculously.

When I was 20 years, on the same day our first child was born, our dear daughter Tika (abbreviated from Nastica, that is also Anastasia). On this occasion, I want to congratulate her with her birthday and I wish her much happiness, health and God help her in achieving all her beautiful future dreams.

Three years ago, on the same day, there was another difficult but blessed event. My wife Nastica (Anastasia) went through a very complicated operation which was successful. I thank God and all people who made possible this operation. Now my wife, by God’s mercy is healthy and a great blessing for me, for our family and for many other people.

Praised be the Lord for the beautiful way how He worked in my and my family’s life!

Translated by Felicia Rotaru