10 principles in worship

1 – Glorify God with all your soul.

2 – Sing aloud to Him, so that all praise may be His alone.

3 – Follow the example of the “Praise and Worship” group.

4 – Thank your Lord for all the blessings received during the course

of the week.

5 – Raise your hands to heaven and tell Him how wonderful it is that He created this


6 – Talk to Him, for He listens to you and expects you to have a deep harmony with Him in


7 – Have no fear but only courage in the Holy Spirit.

8 – Sing with joy and forget all sadness.

9 – Ask God to search your heart.

10 – Remember that He hears your worship wherever and whenever.

Do not be afraid, God created you to praise Him with your mouth. Only glorify Him and worship Him alone. Know that true music glorifies God.

May you have many blessings.

Translated by Didina Vicliuc