Fast and Pray for Moldova on April 10th

Today, April 9th in the morning, we had a meeting with the pastors from Chisinau where decided to announce for tomorrow, April 10th a Fasting and Prayer Day for the Security of Moldova, as our nation is going through hart political times, after the events of April 7th.

We call to all people from Moldova and to all those who love Moldova or have someone who is dear in Moldova to join us tomorrow in this fasting.

Pray that God will reveal the REAL criminals who put in fire the buildings of Presidency and Parliament. Pray that all the evidences will be found so that this people can be stopped.

Pray that God will stop the evil people from their evil and craftful ways and pray that our nation will have discernment to look for and believe the truth and not the lies.

According to your possibilities, we recommend you not to eat or drink during all the day tomorrow. In order to be heard in heaven, please, repent of your sins and bring in order your relations with God and with all the people.

May God hear our cry and have mercy on our nation.