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God bless you for this your wonderful message.
30.11.2014 21:52
If the Gentiles were not proselytes and uncircumcised could they still enter the synagogue?
22.11.2014 21:55
Based on scriptures, I have said it and will keep saying it again: I was not saved by observing the law (fornicating no more, committing adultery no more, stealing no more, killing no more etc) but I was saved by faith in Christ Jesus. (Grace ) And my sins were wiped off; my past sins, present and future, as long as I choose to remain under Grace, where the power of sin over my life has been broken and subdued eternally- that means when perhaps I fall to sin, (Pastor Vasile's son is still his son even if he is locked up in jail) the effect of sins cannot be felt over me, because of the covering of Grace- the New covenant of life which I am in with God, as t is entirely impossible for anyone whether born again or not to claim he or she has no sin in him: where sin before God, is sin, even as much as those things done out of faith. The power of death or judgment is sin, the power of sin is the law, but were there is no law, there is no transgression, and where there is no transgression, there is no sin, and where there is no sin, there is no judgment or death. Therefore, I AM NO LONGER UNDER THE LAW BUT UNDER GRACE, SAVED BY FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS, WHERE I STAND AS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS, HELPED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LIVE THE CHRIST LIFE, YET BATH WITH MERCY AND GRACE WHEN I FALTER.....
20.11.2014 10:52
Second, third , fourth marriages is adultery unless the man has died for the woman and both if they remarry. So many have stay in sin.. Lets get real.. Mark 10: 7-12..
20.10.2014 22:43
More suitable for today's time if an armed gunman is standing before me and my initial reaction is panic I have sinned...but that does not mean that I did not have fear. However it's a good man is standing before me and I have fear but I remain calm in inside of myself I pray and and trust in the Lord I have not sinned. We have to understand that as humans we will have any emotion, but it is what we do with the emotion that will determine the sin.
18.10.2014 14:44
Again I disagree.. The Bible encourages us to fear not, but where does it call fear a 'Sin'? If that is the case then anger is a sin... And we know very clearly the Bible says be angry but sin not. I respect that you may be well educated, however I disagree that fear is a sin. The Bible says to bring everything to God and so if I have a fear my initial reaction is to bring it to God. There for having the fear is not the sin, but it is a reaction that determines whether or not you have sin. If I don't have enough money to pay my bills and I worry I have sinned. But if I don't have enough money to pay my bills and I pray and trust God I have not sinned.
18.10.2014 14:39
I don't agree that fear is a sin.. I do believe that the action you perform once you feel the emotion of fear could be sinful but to fear is not sin. Just like to have anger is not a sin for the Bible declares to be angry but sin not. So if I have a fear it's what follows that emotion that determines the sin. If It's raining and I have limited visibility that will create fear, and if I panic I have sinned, but if I am calm and pray I have not sinned even though I did fear.
15.10.2014 23:23
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Confession of sins

Who can be named as apostle?

15 sep 2009 | ora 17.14 Doctrine | Anastasia Filat


Who can be called as apostle, who are apostles, actually? I heard that the person who saw Jesus after the resurrection may be named as apostle? Is it true, or other person can be also named as apostle?

The statement that as apostle may be called the person who saw Jesus after the resurrection is false, by the very fact that the twelve apostles were chosen by Jesus before his death and resurrection. Here’s what the Holy Scripture tells us:

And when day came, He (Jesus) called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them, whom He also named as apostles. (Luke 6:13)(NASB)

If we follow the context of the Gospel, we will see that this happened in the beginning of the ministry of Jesus, before the famous Sermon on the Mount and before the death of John the Baptist. It should be noted that all twelve were chosen from among the disciples of Jesus, or of those who were taught by Jesus.

Who are the apostles

The Greek word [ apostolos ] has the meaning of messenger, delegate, ambassador, or a person who is sent by anyone to present and defend the interests of the person who sent him (for example, the Romanian Ambassador to Moldova: he presents and defends the interests of Romania in Moldova). An apostle presents neither himself, nor his personal views and interests, but he presents the views and interests of the one who has sent him. When talking about the kingdom of God, the apostles are sent by God to present, or rather, to represent the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Bible named as apostles not only the twelve apostles

In the Epistle to Hebrews in chapter 3 verse 1, Lord Jesus is also named Apostle, He who was sent by the Father to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom here on earth.

Other believers are also named as apostles, those who went from place to place, preaching the Gospel and planting new churches. Among them are Barnabas (Acts 14:14), Paul, Silvanus and Timothy (1 Thessalonians 1:1, 2:6). Paul introduces himself as an apostle of Jesus Christ in all his epistles and often calls himself an apostle and teachers of the Gentiles.

Specifically for the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus, is:

  1. they received a special job from the Lord (Jesus chose them),
  2. they personally knew the Lord,
  3. they received instruction directly from God (Acts 1:15-26, Galatians 1:1-23)

Concerning the other apostles, they were named so according to the spiritual gift they have received, namely, the gift of apostle (1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4). Spiritual gift is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life, who was born again (it is not a job or a position). Spiritual gifts are different, but all work together for building up the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, or the church. The gift of apostle is manifested by the ability to go to places where there are not Christians, and to plant new churches there. Nowadays we got used to name the Christians who have this spiritual gift as missionaries.

So, the apostle may be called the person who goes to places where there are no churches and plant new churches, preaching the Gospel and teaching people God’s will.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru

This article has been translated into the following languages​​:
  1. Cine poate fi numit apostol? (ROMÂNĂ)
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