Preparation for teaching the ENGLISH FOR A NEW LIFE for KIDS book

EFNL has elaborated the English book for kids

The Association ENGLISH FOR A NEW LIFE has finished working on the English book for kids. The book is called ENGLISH FOR A NEW LIFE for KIDS and it was already tested in teaching. It can be studied during an year of studies. It includes 8 modules and 64 lessons in total, with review and evaluation for each module. The lesson is approximatively 45 minutes long. It is interactive and it is presented in an interesting, easy, understandable for children way. For teachers it is very easy to explain and to teach English based on this book.

Preparation for using the book in teaching English to children

The christians who speak English and want to use it as an instrument for preaching the Gospel are invited to pass a training. The Faculty of English language of the Inductive Bible Study Institute of Eurasia prepares teachers, missionaries of English language.

For the children’s book the sessions start in 2018. There are 3 sessions in total: winter session, summer session and autumn session. The teachers who successfully pass these 3 sessions receive diploma of graduation of the level and they will be able to teach the book in schools, groups or individually.

The teaching of English language is a successful method fof making disciples which has led many people to Christ in Moldova, Ukraine, Nepal, Russia, Romania, Albania, Uzbekistan and so on.

The dates

The first session is from the 5th of February to the 16th of February 2018. The session takes place exclusively in Romania, at the Surduc Bible Studies Center. The teaching is done in English. Christians from different countries are expected to come.

Besides the ENGLISH FOR A NEW LIFE for KIDS book, they will study the inductive Bible study book about Joseph: ”Joseph -God’s super hero”.

Who may participate

The born again christians who have been baptised, who are active members in a local church, older than 18 years, who speak English and want to use this opportunity for the widening of the Kingdom of God are allowed to come to this session.

For admission

For admission it is necessary to send your personal testimony and the church pastor’s recommendation to the e-mail adress After that, the candidates will pass a test of English.

For questions and details

For questions and details, contact the PRECEPT MINISTRIES team at the same e-mail adress or at the phone number: +(373) 69966779.