Immediate effects in the village Alexandreni of the campaign launched by UNICEF to fight violence

9 noi 2008 | ora 23.10 Society | Vasile Filat

As soon as the lessons “Let us grow without violence” and “Adolescence without violence” had been taught in the village Alexandreni of the district Singerei, the students were poisoned with the extremely dangerous teaching that they are imposed.

A schoolgirl from the sixth grade went home after lessons and when her mother told her to do something, the girl refused saying that she didn’t want. Her mom said that once again and seeing that she was so stubborn, she pushed her daughter to go and make her responsibilities. Immediately the girl started to take lessons to her mother telling her that nobody has the right to impose her to do something against her will and that she can call the police or proceed against her mom.

Another student, whose parents are abroad went even further after “learning” this cursed lesson. Because he lives with the grandmother that grows him up, the old woman asked him to do something. He refused and then the grandmother punished him. He went into the room, called the police and in 12 minute the policeman was already at the gate. It is good that the policeman still makes the difference between punishment and violence.

What will be further if we do not take any action to stop this great evil?

Translated by Felicia Djugostran

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  1. Efectele imediate în satul Alexandreni ale campaniei declanşate de UNICEF pentru combaterea violenţei (ROMÂNĂ)
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