Winter seminar for Leaders (January, 2nd-9th 2009)

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Within the “Precept Ministries” Association we are used to organize a winter seminar for leaders every year and this is a tradition which is more than 10 years. This year the seminar will take place at the “Nistru” Sanatorium from the town Camenca during the 2nd – 9th of January 2009.

I chose to teach the inductive Bible study course Revelation, part 1, that covers chapters 1-3. We will study about the situation of those 7 churches from Asia, and this will be a special time when we are able to look at our characters and relation we have with God from His point of view.

Unlike other seminars and sessions held during the year, this is the one when we put aside time to evaluate our common activities sharing the Gospel and to plan for the next year.

Every year at the seminar teams of more organizations come, such as “English for a new life” School, “Stolas Leukas” and “Dynamic” Taekwon-Do Clubs, “Tintasii” Soccer Club, Youth Movement 2:22 , Medical Students Association, “ScripTehInfo” Computers School and other organizations. Each team uses the time to learn more and for training.

Every evening we have a fun interesting time.

Last winter God gave us a very beautiful snow and we used it to the full.

Married couples always have a special time when both of them can to widen to study the Holy Scriptures and to spend a nice time together with the whole team.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran

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